Terms and Conditions

By entering to this platform (the “Platform”) you will have access to certain THUASNE Application Program Interfaces (the “APIs”). These APIs will give you access to data points, data products or other proprietary data of THUASNE (together the “API Contents”).  

By accessing and using the APIs and the API Contents, you (the “User”) unconditionally accept and agree to be bound by all the terms & conditions hereafter described (the “Terms and Conditions”). 

Please note that specific or additional terms and conditions may apply for use of certain APIs and/or of certain API Contents with precedence over the present Terms and Conditions. 

Use of the Platform 

User shall comply with the Terms and Conditions and any applicable specific or additional terms and conditions when registering, accessing and using the Platform, the APIs and/or the API Contents. 

When using the Platform, the User shall comply with the highest standards of IT-security measures.  

The User shall notably comply with security standard ISO 27001 andand/or … (or in conformity with any other applicable standards standard (comparable in the assessment of French Agence Nationale de la Sécurité des Systèmes d’Information or the USA’s SSAE 18/SOC 02). 

The User shall also ensure compliance with all applicable laws and/or regulations relating to personal data protection (such as General Data Protection Regulation “GDPR”) or Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)). 

If the User fails to comply with such standards it shall notify THUASNE of such failure without delay.  


Without prior notice, THUASNE may modify, limit the access to or discontinue the Platform, the APIs and/or the API Contents at any time and at its sole and entire discretion.  

THUASNE reserves the right to deny access to the Platform and/or APIs to any User in violation of the Terms and Conditions. 

Registration/Account Security  

The User can register for access to the Platform via developer.tThuasne Group.com.  

THUASNE reserves the right to approve or reject any User registration request at its sole and entire discretion. 

All information provided by the User for his/her registration must be accurate, complete and kept up to date on a continuous basis.  

User shall immediately inform THUASNE of any actual or potential conflict of interests in connection with his/her registration, for example, if User is employed by a competitor of THUASNE or its Affiliates.  

The User registration information must be treated confidentially by him/her and shall not be sold, sub-licensed or otherwise transferred to any third party. If the User has knowledge or sufficientenough reason to believe that the confidentiality of his/her registration information has been impaired, he/she shall immediately notify THUASNE accordingly. All security mechanisms, used in connection with the Platform, must not be altered or modified by the User.  

Intellectual Property  

The Platform, APIs and API Contents shall be and remain exclusively owned by THUASNE. In case of an infringement of THUASNE’’s rights in the Platform, APIs and/or API Contents, THUASNE may enforce such rights with full use of all available legal means. 


Upon successful registration and acceptance of the Terms and Conditions, the User will be granted with (i) an access to the Platform and (ii) a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable, revocable and non-sub-licensable license to use the Platform, the APIs and the API Contents for the duration of his/her registration and under the conditions set forth below.  

License Restrictions 

Unless otherwise agreed in writing by THUASNE, the User shall: 

  • not sub-license, lease, sell, or otherwise transfer all or parts of the APIs or API Contents,  

  • not copy modify, transform, decompile or redesign all or parts of the APIs or API Contents,  

  • not use the APIs and/or API Contents for illegal, objectionable, unethical or harmful purposes, 

  • use the Platform, the API and API Contents only tofor supporting his internal testing and the improvement of his relationship with the THUASNE groupe purposes. For any other purposes, a description must be expressly provided for in a specific agreement with Thuasne. ensure technical usability of the Platform, the API and API Contents for his purposes by internal testing. This description will be requested as part of the API Plans subscription.(the “Purposes”) and for no other purposes. 

Technical Restrictions

Under the license terms, the user is not entitled to exercise one of the following activitiesThe User shall not: 

  • forging ofing headers or otherwise manipulatinging identifiers in order to hide or mislead on disguise the origin of any content transmitted through the site, 

  • avoiding or exceeding the limits for API callqueries and use of the API Contents specified in the products descriptionAPI documentation, 

  • activities which harmfully impact damage, disturb, disrupt or otherwise impede prevent the good operations of THUASNE’s systems 

  • activities causing aggregated data traffic not necessary for normal usage 

  • activities provoking and excessive downloads which impair the stability of the THUASNE systems, 

  • activities aimed at obtaining unauthorized access to THUASNE systems or activities in which the THUASNE systems are used without prior authorization, 

  • activities that arewhich preventing other users from using resources of the Platform, 

  • infecting THUASNE systems withimplementation of viruses or other malicious codes.  

Latest Versions 

THUASNE may release revised versions of the APIs and/or API Contents.  

The User must procure and use the latest version of the Platform.  


The User can unregister from the Platform at any time by sending an email at the following address:  thuasneAPI@Thuasne.com 

Upon termination, whether by expiration of the usage right or a formal termination, all APIs and API Contents obtained via the Platform must be promptly deleted from the User’s applications.  

Limitation of Liability 

The Platform, the API and API Contents are provided on an "as-is" and "as available" basis and without any warranty or orYrepresentation for quality, quantity, completeness, accuracy, availability, error-free and fitness for any particular purpose.  

In particular, THUASNE does not make any representations or warranties that the API Contents are effective, correct or reliable. 

For the avoidance of doubt, THUASNE shall not be held liable for any damage or complaint arising from the use of the APIs and/or API Contents.  

The User will use the APIs and API Contents at his/her own risks and under his/her sole responsibility in particular with respect to any damage on his/her computer system or loss of data arising from the access and/or use of the APIs and/or API Contents.  


Users who are companies or qualify as merchants shall indemnify and hold harmless THUASNE, its representatives, employees, agents and those of its Affiliates from all liabilities,  claims, or costs, which arise due to or in connection with (i) the User’s use of the Platform, APIs and/or API Contents, in particular, in case of violation of these Terms and Conditions, (ii) the User’s violations of industrial property rights or other rights or data protection specifications of third parties, or (iii) third-party misuse of the APIs and/or API Contents, if the misuse is caused by the User’s failure to take appropriate measures for the protection of the user name and password against such misuse.  

Modifications of the Terms and Conditions 

THUASNE may modify or replace these Terms and Conditions at its entire discretion. The User will be informed by ways of a banner or pop-up on the website at leastemail four (4) weeks prior to the amended or new Terms and Conditions becoming valid. When the amended or new Terms and Conditions become valid, the User will have to log in again and accept the amended or new version.  

Severability Clause 

If any provision of these Terms and Conditions should be held invalid, illegal or unenforceable in full or in part, the validity, legality and enforceability of the remaining provisions will not in any way be affected or impaired thereby. The invalid, illegal or unenforceable provision will be replaced by the most equivalent valid, legal or enforceable provision. 

Governing law / Jurisdiction 

The relationship between THUASNE and the User regarding access to the Platform and use of the APIs and API Contents shall be governed by French law without giving effect to the conflict of laws principles thereof.  

The competent courts of Nanterre (France) will have exclusive jurisdiction for Users who are companies or qualify as merchants.  


By suscbribing to Thuasne Products and using Thuasne APIs you accept to abide to the following Terms and Conditions.